Industry Experience

Freelance Design Engineer – Sole Trader

April until Present

I am currently operating under the banner of Michael Aldridge Design Engineering, as a freelance Design Engineer. The move to become a sole trader seemed the perfect fit for me at this time, as I was looking for the next big challenge. A career path that would continue to challenge me as a design engineer, but also provide me with responsibility of running a small business. To date I have already begun to find myself very busy with many contracts from all kinds of backgrounds, from individuals looking to productise an idea, to large companies looking for additional support. I am finding it extremely rewarding with responsibilities of sourcing work, project manage and project fulfilment.

FilamentPD - Design Engineering Consultant

One large contract that has kept me busy to date, is working for the Glasgow based design consultancy FilamentPD – Design Consultancy, from initially being contracted for a few weeks, I been asked to continue working for them on a contractor basis for the foreseeable future. Filament is a fantastic company and it is really good to get to learn from another one of Scotland’s best design firms.

4c Design – Product Design Consultancy

Nov 2011 until March 2015

4c Design - Product Design Engineering Consultancy

For four and a half years I worked at 4c Design, a Product Design Engineering Consultancy. The story started in 2010 when I was lucky enough to obtain the summer internship; beating back strong competition from over a hundred other applicants. Upon completion of the 3 month internship I was offered full time employment having made myself “invaluable” within the company. 4c was a fantastic and fast paced company with a hugely diverse range of projects with a fantastic group of design engineers. During my time there I gained a tremendous a wealth experience, something that would have been tough to achieve in any other profession. I regard the time I spent at 4c as a hugely valuable time that has shaped and benefited my professional experience and goals.

My roles within 4c Design included:

Product Design Engineer, first and foremost

– Involved in the entire design process from idea generation through to manufacture
– Brainstorming
– Prototyping
– Product Visualisation (Concept Sketching & Renders_
– Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
– Project and Client management

Website management

– Content and media generation
– Social media & blog management
– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Filming, Photography and Video editing

– Much of the website imagery and internal project documentation is done by me; I have a keen interest in photography both professionally and privately. I relish any opportunity to hone my skills.

Since 2010 I have worked on many projects while working at 4c Design (please see the 4c’s client list), but these are the projects I am most proud of:

Queen’s Baton – 2014 Commonwealth Games (Product Design)

The Queen’s Baton is the Commonwealth Games equivalent of the Olympic Torch; 4c Design won the contract to design it for the Glasgow 2014 Games. This involved the development of the story behind Glasgow’s baton, then taking the early concepts for the baton from paper to finished product. I was involved at every stage of the process but took ownership of the design on the puzzle mechanism at the top of the baton and polishing of the titanium lattice. The baton has received great praise from the general public.

Queen's Baton 2014 Exploded

Freeflow Electric Bike (Engineering)

Design of the world’s best electric bike around new motor/gearbox combo (my first patented design). My responsibility was the design of a custom frame and critically a gearbox system located inside the frames bottom bracket. This allows input from either pedals and/or motor without the requirement of the cranks to turn. This is unique among all non hub driven electric bikes and the area that ultimately became patented.

FreeFlow Technologies Electric Bike - Engineering

Moredun Bottling Machine (Engineering)

Moredun developed a worming vaccine for production and sale all around the world, 4c was tasked with the design and manufacture of a range of machines involved in this process. The most complicated being a machine capable of bottling the vaccine under sterile conditions. I was given lead on this project and designed all mechanical elements of the machine and managed the electronics and manufacture. I also flew out to Australia to see the machine commissioned.

Moredun Bottling Machine - Engineering

RFD Leisure Liferaft Case (User Centred Design and Manufacturing Engineering)

My first project at 4c, it took a new approach to liferaft case design, more functional, lighter and cheaper. The project proved a huge success and the case are now sold worldwide. This project also triggered a range of additional work with the company.

RFD Liferaft Leisure Case - User Centered Design

4c Website and Blog

I have been instrumental in the design, content and upkeep of the 4c Design MkII and MkIII 4c website.

Website Design and Social Media

Tannoy Speakers (Industrial Design)

It’s great to work on any project with Tannoy, but a few of the industrial design projects I am particularly proud of include:

– Prestige GR (high-end residential speaker)
– Precision 6 (residential speakers)
– Revolution XT (residential speakers)
– Reveal 402, 502, 802 (studio speakers)
– Base Station (Soundbase)

Tannoy Loudspeakers - Industrial Design


PDT Architecture

2009 until 2010

Gold Coast Hospital - Australia
While travelling Australia I worked for five months at an PDT Architects in Brisbane, Australia (2009-2010). The primary project was the Gold Coast University Hospital. I undertook many specific roles within the company including managing a small team at various stages. The objective was to get the drawings approved for construction by coordinating with all the various consultants involved with the project. This included a range of tasks from positioning of appliances to making major structural changes. The project was primarily designed using a highly modified version of AutoCAD. This proved to be an excellent company to work; I learnt a tremendous amount and gained a new appreciation for all the design elements that goes into the construction of such a building.

RSBi – Furniture Design and Manufacture

2008 until 2009

Upon graduating I worked at a company called Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries (2008-2009) as a design engineer. The company designed and manufactured furniture, likened to IKEA furniture but bespoke to meet the client’s requirements. The workforce at the onsite manufacturing facilities were predominantly disabled, as a designer I had to work to develop the required product for the client while working closely with the manufacturing team to suit their particular requirements. This presented an extra challenge, but one that was quite welcome.

Projects I was involved with included:

– RNIB (Royal National  Institute of the Blind) reception area and custom display furniture to cater for their very specific requirements
– GHA complete furniture range to outfit a house
– Custom Kitchen for The Lighthouse, Glasgow
– A number of custom furniture designs

RSBi Reception Desk

Varis Engineering – Civil Engineering

Summer Placements 2006 & 2007


Loch Lomond Sea Plane Pontoon
While at university I also had two work placements, first at a company called AJ Engineering (2006) and second at a company called Varis Engineering (2007). Both were steel fabrication companies, although their specialism’s and management structure differed significantly. My primary role at both was CAD technician, using AutoCAD and SolidWorks. These proved great learning experiences.

Projects I was involved with included:

– Loch Lomond Sea Plane Pontoons (among others)
– Industrial Warehouse Design
– Distillery Water Treatment Plant
– Grain Hoppers

Academic Experience

I am a graduate of the University of Strathclyde (2008) with a Masters of Engineering (Hons) in Product Design Engineering. I spent a productive 5 years in Glasgow obtaining my degree which included an outstanding exchange year to California Polytechnic State University, Pomona in Los Angeles. Throughout my University career I strove to excel amongst my peers, in my final year a number of my projects were selected for special mention and are still on display today within the department.

While at University I was a member of a number of clubs and organisations that I feel greatly added to my learning while at university. Most noteworthy of these were:

– The Cal Poly Rose Float, which entailed the design and manufacture of a hydraulically animated float for the Rose Ball Parade. From this club I learnt basic machining and welding, as well as an appreciation for the realities of manufacturing something on such a large scale involving so many people.

– The Strathclyde Formula Student team, this required the design and manufacturing of a formula one inspired race car that then competes with other university teams from around the world. This required a sound working knowledge of car design, mechanisms and great attention to detail in manufacture.

Strathclyde University Engineering Logo


Cal Poly Pomona Logo