Michael Aldridge - Design Engineer
Hello! I’m a product design engineer, currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. As a product design engineer I have a passion for exactly that, ‘design engineering’. I am intrigued by all things technical, innovative, original and believe in a hand’s on approach to design. It is important to me both personally and professionally that I am constantly pushed and constantly have the opportunity to learn new things; my greatest fear is a static and mundane existence. I always strive for my designs to be as good as they possibly can be and I am certainly not a ‘that’ll do engineer’.

In 2012 I was awarded British “Young Design Engineer of the Year” at the British Engineering Excellence Awards. This is an accolade that I am extremely proud of, as I was competing with many very talented design engineers across the UK.

From the personal point of view I am an outgoing, ambitious, adventurous and determined individual. I like to keep busy and always intrigued by new things; as a result I’ve always had more hobbies, clubs and interests than I can afford or have the time for! I feel these have moulded me into a well-rounded and practical designer, with an eye for detail and instinct for what will and will not work.

Current interests include mountain biking, road biking, rock climbing, kite surfing, scuba diving, home renovation, diy, photography and did I mention mountain biking. I also have a passion for travel and have had the opportunity to work, travel and live all over the globe.

I have an optimistic outlook on life and have a great many plans and hopes for the future. I have set my standards high and will strive to achieve them.

Download my Curriculum Vitae Here


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Key Skills

Design Engineering99%
Web Design and SEO68%
Adobe Creative Suite72%
Project Management82%
Photography and Film70%