The brief was to redesign a leisure liferaft case to be more aesthetically pleasing. But after researching how and where the liferaft case is used, as well as interviewing liferaft owners about the problems associated with transport and documentation, we soon identified several more areas that needed to be improved. After pitching this back to the client we were given the go ahead to rethink the whole project. The final result was a case that was nicer to look at, but also better for transporting, storing documentation and critically was utilised a different manufacturing technique which reduced the cost of the product for the client. Following on from the success of this project, we undertook many more projects with the client (all secret so I can’t tell you). This product is now sold around the world and can be seen in most marina's.
  • Client Projects : Liferaft Case Redesign
  • Client : RFD Survitec
  • Website : http://www.survitecgroup.com/

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